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  1. The most decietful action of Bob Menzies was his use of the Spy masters in ASIO to win elections by frightening the public about "The Communist Threat".He stopped the use of the Red Ensign by the public by declaring the blue Ensign The National Flag.The large bulk of the 100, 000 who died in both world wars and the million maimed, wounded and insane, thought that the red ensign was the people,s flag,as shown in the recruiting banner from 1914-1918 war, above. More evidence Can be found if you Google 'the Red Ensign Australia's Forgotten Flag.Menzies refused to go to war himself but was a great one for conscripting others in WWI, WWII National Service in the fifties and Vietnam.How he became saint like according to John Howard is beyond any fair examination of his record, he saw himself as 'British' to his boot straps and when he had to come back to Australia from England in 1940, he wrote in his diary that he was "sick to his stomach, to have to return to deal with the pettiness of Australia after havig been in Britains War time cabinet at Churchill's invitation.Well and truely 'Up Himself'.

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