Tasmanian Times

Tasmanian TimesWhy are we in Australia wasting our blood and treasure on a war that could not be won by Armies chasing criminal murderers?
Coordination of intelligence agencies and international police work would have stopped 9/11. instead we have lost too many freedoms, have been terrorised into jumping at shadows and insurance companies have made fortunes whilst restricting almost every public event. I think responding the way we have , has handed many victories to Al Qaeda which only added to their power.
If we consider the strategic thinking of Al Quiada. It wanted to destabilise the west because we were propping up Dictators across the Arab world.
So far we have been spooked into expending almost 4 trillion dollars on a war against shadows.
The costs in civilian deaths is now up near a million. The lost rights in freedom of speech, the sedition laws and now the economic disaster is, in part down to the imbalance between military and civil expenditure.
The latest cost becoming apparent is the USA has cut 35,000 medical researchers who fight pandemic threats. These are the people we need to be vigilant to Measles, Polio and lately have limited the death toll of HIV AIDS to 25 million since the epidemic began.
You can go on counting the cost of fear and revenge, and then calculate what a balanced response by cooperative intelligence gathering and a quasi military Interpol measured response, to these murdering maniacs, instead of using the military sledge hammer!
We have responded to their provocation and they have almost dragged us down the hole they are coming from.
As Pogo says “We have met the enemy and he is us”.

John Ward


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