Tasmanian Times

Tasmanian Times

Studying this debate confirmed my belief that Martin Gray got it right in his book ‘For those I loved’.
In his experience he met what he called “Butchers” in every nation who are pitiless in their self involvement and ruthless to any perceived threat to their position of power. He claimed he could see it in their eyes.
4% of our population are Psychopaths and/or sociopaths who by dint of their intelligence and belief in their ability to charm, speak the words and work their way up any organisation, are the fragile corruption of our financial industrial and political systems. John Howard was such a glib chameleon and his behaviour shows he could even try to convince us that he was a cricket tragic like Menzies. Until he tried to bowl a ball! I believe he held us in contempt because he could fool us.
The GFC is down to these few who have shown they are now more powerful than Governments, whom they have forced to bail them out.
Until these individuals are held personally accountable for their actions and can no longer hide behind ‘Corporate Person-hood’, they will continue to edge our systems to the point of collapse.
This is what the the occupation movement is instinctively finding it’s way to oppose.
It has only taken a few rotten eggs to bring the world nations to near collapse. When it does they will probably give themselves a bloody bonus!


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