The Great Northern Development: the Coalition’s dead horse

The latest news is that the Coalition is still planning for a great northern development – an idea that is time and time again demonstrated to be unfeasible. It will be a waste of money that will be remembered in the future as a grave folly of the Abbott era (should that occur), driven solely on greedy expectations of a few interested parties.

Here’s why it will fail: climate, primary productivity, water, long term business interests.


Up north, it’s hot and dry or hot and very wet. It’s not comfortable, hence why most Aussies live in the lower states. It’s always hot, but the seasons are such that it never rains, but is arid or pouring monsoonal storms. There is no respite for a booming northern population and such weather will cause death due to cyclones and simply due to the aged, young and sick having less resilience in…

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