Corbett’s Duplicity.

A must read before Saturday.

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Mr Corbett Member of the Liberal Party in Tony Abbott’s branch, Director of Walmart, Woolworths and Chairman of the SMH part owned by Gina Reinhardt, put this “Evidence” up to discredit Craig Thomson and therefore change the Government since the 2010 election result.

Tony Abbott refused to accept the result and holds democracy in contempt, by today calling on the ALP to respect his mandate and not oppose his democratic right to implement his policies.

This FAKE “evidence” that the Sydney Morning Herald put forward in Court as evidence of wrongdoing by Craig Thomson, it (the “evidence”) was provided to the SMH by the HSU to discredit and defame Craig Thomson, his name was misspelled as ThomPson, (the forgers first blunder) it was purported to be evidence to prove a transaction with a brothel using Health Services Union funds.

Craig Thomson correctly defended his reputation and SMH settled out of…

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