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Tony Abbott has that rare ability to be incredibly stupid

They, the LNP, have already sold our Gold reserves and all our Airports, Medibank will be sold to US owners. The HECS debts are about to be sold to Debt collecting agencies. The CSIRO is going soon; and yet they will still give some $ 10 billion in subsidies to miners like Fat Gina by not collecting excise on Diesel fuel, same for truckers and farmers.
The H R Nicholls Society members sitting in the Cabinet have the numbers to now control the LNP government.
The H R Nicholls Society supports the deregulation of the Australian Industrial Relations System, including the abolition of the award system, the widespread use of individual employment contracts and the lowering of minimum wages. The Society only believes in limited labour market regulation, as it believes that excessive minimum wages and job security lead to higher unemployment and lower productivity.

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Tony Abbott keeps raising the bar of stupidity.

His speech last night at a timber industry dinner lauding timber workers as “the ultimate conservationists” brings home the gold medal.

Corinne Grant provides a wonderful take on this superb performance:

It’s pretty much standard for politicians to suck up to their audiences.

If they’re talking to mining magnates, they tell them they’re the backbone of Australia. If they’re talking to farmers, they tell them they’re the backbone of Australia.

If they’re talking to factory workers they tell them they’re the backbone of Australia (and then they tell them they earn too much).

But when Tony Abbott told a room full of loggers that they were the ‘ultimate conservationists’, even that audience must have been reaching for its sick bag.

Seriously, people who cut down trees are saving them? As what? IKEA furniture?

Just brilliant, Corinne.

But while…

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