The Tony Abbott Election Policies Revealed

The Tony Abbott Election Policies Revealed.


One thought on “The Tony Abbott Election Policies Revealed

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    Seriously, I think we have to consider there is something curious about how provocative the budget is to the lower classes. It could all be a distraction to focus our attention away from the need to “Fix the Federation”. I have only heard Abbott mention this three times and never before the election.
    It could be that separate the commonwealth back to the stronger states models and concentrate the federal government powers in such a way that the conservatives, the neo-cons, remain in power for decades.
    Think about It for a little while.
    Ban Unions and opposition parties.
    Privatisation of all assets,
    Build a larger AFP and ASIO.
    Larger defence force
    The AFP has gone this year from 1,400 to 6,500.
    ASIO gets 650 $ million extra funding.
    Tony gets fitted for his personal Flack Jacket.
    Collect and distribute tax.
    The states do everything else with education and health in the private sector? Like that?
    Sounds like a plan to me.

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